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The Chocolate Invasion



1. When Eye Lay My Hands On U

2. Judas Smile

3. Supercute

4. Underneath The Cream

5. Sexmesexmenot

6. Vavoom

7. High

8. The Dance

9. Gamillah

10. You Make My Sun Shine

The Chocolate Invasion, released as a compilation album on March 29th, 2004 , was Prince's 29th full-length studio album. This album was compiled of tracks formerly released on the NPG Music Club during 2001-2, hence the album was subtitled: "Trax From The NPG Music Club: Volume One." Originally planned to be apart of 7 CD release of the same name, the project was put on hold indefinitely.

The album was ineligible for the charts because it was not commercially released.

The album has two official singles: "U Make My Sun Shine" and "Supercute" both released before the album.

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