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Crystal Ball



  • Disc 1:

1.  Crystal Ball 

2.  Dream Factory 

3.  Acknowledge Me 

4.  Ripopgodazippa

5.  Love Sign (Shock G's Silky Remix)

6.  Hide The Bone 

7.  2morrow

8.  So Dark 

9.  Movie Star 

10. Tell Me How U Wanna B Done 

  • Disc 2:

1.  Interactive 

2.  Da Bang 

3.  Calhoun Square 

4.  What's My Name 

5.  Crucial 

6.  An Honest Man 

7.  Sexual Suicide 

8.  Cloreen Bacon Skin 

9.  Good Love 

10. Strays Of The World 

  • Disc 3:

1.  Days Of Wild 

2.  Last Heart 

3.  Poom Poom 

4.  She Gave Her Angels 

5.  18 & Over 

6.  The Ride 

7.  Get Loose 

8.  P. Control (Remix) 

9.  Make Your Mama Happy 

10. Goodbye 

Crystal Ball, released on January 29th, 1998, was Prince's 20th full-length studio album. This album was the first complied entirely of tracks and outtakes from Prince's legendary vault. The album in it's entirety was credited to The Love Symbol:

 Even though most of the track on the album were previous recording by "Prince." The album produced no singles, but did include previous promotion only singles like "Love Sign" and

"P. Control".

The album reached number 59 on the Billboard Top R&B Albums chart and number 62 on The Billboard 200.

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