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Nov 05, 2017
This album celebrated an anniversary this week and as I listened to it, I realized a few things: 1. It's underrated 2. There are a lot of guests 3. I love it 4. Most importantly, he reveals a lot about his state of being at this time. Hanging out alongside the bops and jams are a few very personal songs. In Man 'O' War, he talks about fighting in a relationship and how it's drained him, and in Silly Game he continues to analyze his relationship/ marriage. The most revealing song is Eye Love U, But Eye Don't Trust U Anymore. It's a beautifully sad song that would take me ages to totally dissect in this post, but the lyrics are very straightforward and truthfully speak about the end of his marriage. It's definitely one of his more personal songs and allows you to feel what he's feeling. There are a couple of hints on the New Power Soul album that show things aren't going so well, but in these few songs on Rave, he expresses his frustrations and disappointments fully and honestly. The whole album is incredible and is a perfect snapshot of where Prince is at this point. It's got so many great moments and for the most part, it's really fun. Also, If you haven't heard the remix album Rave In2 the Joy Fantastic, I highly recommend it! What do you think about the 3 songs I mentioned? What are some of your favorite songs off of the album? I personally have a hard time picking favorite songs, but I love Hot Wit U, The Sun The Moon and Stars, Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic, and Tangerine.
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