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Updated: Mar 22, 2019

The Slaughterhouse



1. Silicon

2. S&M Groove

3. Y Should Eye Do That When Eye Can Do This?

4. Golden Parachute

5. Hypnoparadise

6. Props'N'Pounds

7. Northside

8. Peace

9. 2045: Radical Man

10. The Daisy Chain


Here is the first SPOTLIGHT ALBUM of 2019!

The Slaughterhouse, released in March of 2004, was Prince's 30th full-length studio album. The album contains the second compilation of tracks by Prince for the NPG Music Club. These tracks included hits like "Northside" and "S&M Groove."

This album was exclusively available through Prince's NPG Music Club therefore, the album did not have any singles nor was in eligible for album charts.

Fun Fact!

The Slaughterhouse was was re-released in 2015 on Tidal's music streaming service.

Spotlight Albums change monthly and feature multiple songs from the album on the website's music player. Every day the Princestachat will offer up some interesting facts and photos from the album and it's dedicated era. Check them out on the Official Princestachat Social Media Channels!

To learn more about the album or to buy a copy of your own, please visit:

for info:

to buy:

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