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1. Baltimore

2. Rocknroll Loveaffair

3. 2 Y. 2 D.

4. Look At Me, Look At U

5. Stare

6. Xtraloveable

7. Groovy Potential

8. When She Comes

9. Screwdriver

10. Black Muse

11. Revelation

12. Big City

It's April lovies!!!

Can you believe it? It's been a little quiet around here, but now we're back and ready to rock. I guess the question now is: r u?

Here's what you came here for!

Here is the third SPOTLIGHT ALBUM of 2019!

HITnRun Phase Two , released in Decemeber of 2015, was Prince's 39th full-length studio album. The album was released three months after his previous album HITnRUN Phase One. HITnRUN Phase Two featured singles: "Xtraloveable", "Screwdriver", "Baltimore" and "Rocknroll Loveaffair."

The album reached number 43 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart and number 23 on the Billboard R&B Albums Chart.

Fun Fact!

Six of the tracks on this album were previously unrealized material Prince had been working on during his life for other projects.

Spotlight Albums change monthly and feature multiple songs from the album on the website's music player. Every day the Princestachat will offer up some interesting facts and photos from the album and it's dedicated era. Check them out on the Official Princestachat Social Media Channels!

To learn more about the album or to buy a copy of your own, please visit:

for info:

to buy:

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