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1. Christopher Tracy's Parade

2. New Position

3. I Wonder U

4. Under The Cherry Moon

5. Girls & Boys

6. Life Can Be So Nice

7. Venus De Milo

8. Mountains

9. Do U Lie?

10. Kiss

11. Anotherloverholenyohead

12. Sometimes It Snows In April

Have you checked the forecast in Minnesota? It's SNOWING IN APRIL!

Happy April Guys!

Also Happy CELEBRATION! It's that time of year where we all gather around to start celebrating the one and the only... PRINCE! April, as a month, is pretty dear to us here at Princestachat and this year we are going ALL OUT! Giveaways! Apparel! Music! And so much more!

Without further ado...

You know what time it is! Here is the next SPOTLIGHT ALBUM of 2018!

Parade, released in March of 1986, was Prince's eighth full-length studio album. The album is featured as the soundtrack to Prince's second film Under The Cherry Moon (released three months after the album.) The album also features the last credited works of Prince and the Revolution.

The album reached number 3 on the US Billboard Top Pop Albums Chart and charted at number 2 on the Billboard Top Black Albums Chart.

Fun Fact!

The album released 4 singles: 'Anotherloverholenyohead', 'Mountains', 'Girls & Boys', and 'Kiss."

Spotlight Albums change monthly and feature multiple songs from the album on the website's music player. Every day the Princestachat will offer up some interesting facts and photos from the album and it's dedicated era. Check them out on the Official Princestachat Social Media Channels!

To learn more about the album or to buy a copy of your own, please visit:

for info:​

to buy:

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