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As you know now 3121 is this month's Spotlight Album! I bet you're questioning "WELL WHAT'S THE SPOTLIGHT SCREENING THEN?" and you have every right to question it! For all members LOG ON and head over to the VIP EXCLUSIVE SCREENINGS which ones you'd like to see!

I bet now you are asking "HOW IN THE WORLD DO I REQUEST A TITLE?" and once again great question!

You see that little purple message circle at the bottom right of your screen? Is this the first time you're seeing it? Have you been wondering what that little orb floating on every page is for? That is Princestachat's 24/7 support chat box! We have representatives manning that little orb just for you and your every need! Logged on to the Princestachat and have no idea where to go? Shoot them a message!

They are pretty good for everything! Prince questions? Princestachat inquires? Just want to talk to someone about the Artist and how much he means to you? That chat bubble is there! And waiting to answer whatever you desire to ask! So shoot them a message on what you'd like to see improved or any title you'd like to be made available and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Look forward to connecting with you!

- Princestachat Team

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