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Going Dark 4 March

Hello Princestachatters! I'm sure you all may have noticed that Princestachat has not updated the album of the month for March nor have we made any

significant posts via social media this month. This is because this month we here at Princestachat have decided to go dark in observation of Women's History Month. The Princestachat fan club was started by a group of strong women in remembrance of Prince and his legacy. Over half of our staff is women and the majority of those women hold administrative positions. So, in observation of the importance of women in our communities and the world, Princestachat will remain dark for the remainder March. Prince was not only an amazing artist, philanthropist, and activist he was also an amazing advocate for women all across the world. Whether it be through the support of our sexuality, fashion or the ability to just live freely, Prince promoted equality of all people under the eyes of God.

So thank you all for staying in there with us this month, we will resume our regular programming on April 3rd, 2019.

Peace and Be Wild!

- Princestachat Team

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