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Update to Terms Of Services

As of 01/01/19, we have updated our Terms of Services page. In order to be the most transparent with our users, we have put all of our terms and services in laymen's terms so that every user can understand exactly what we do with any information provided to this site.

Your security and privacy is what is most important to us, and we here at the Princestachat have and will always do everything in our power to protect that information. We are proud to say that unlike many other sites, the Princestachat has made a vow to NEVER distribute any of your information with any third party site. You can take pride in knowing whatever information provided to the Princestachat stays within the Princestachat. In the case that the Princestachat ceases to exist, please know that whatever information provided will be deleted immediately in order to protect your privacy.

For more information regarding these updates, visit the terms and services page!

Now back to what we do best. Connect Prince fans around the world! Thank you for being a part of the Princestachat. We look forward to connecting with you all again soon!

-Princestachat Team

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