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POP LIFE: The Giveaway!

The Pop Life Celebration Giveaway is happening NOW! Thanks so much for being a part of the Princestachat! To show our gratitude and in celebration of Prince and his legacy the Princestachat is hosting a giveaway! This time the rules are simple!

1. Follow the Princestachat on instagram - @prince.stachat (For Facebook followers the process is the same!)

2. Repost this post on your pages then @ us to let us know you’ve completed it! (Same thing for Facebook! Share post and let us know!)

3. (Optional but RECOMMENDED) Join for an extra 2 entries in the Giveaway! Already a member? Let us know and you’ll get your extra entries!

And that’s it!

3 Winners will be selected to receive one of our amazing Tank Tops along with a mug your choice! And as always, PRINCE MONEY!!!

All Entries must be submitted by 11:59:59 PM April 29, 2018 EST.

Alright you know what to do!

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